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10 Count Overnight Pads Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads 350mm Night Sanitary Napkins Menstrual Care Hygiene Product


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* Specifications: 10 pieces

* Material: Organic Cotton/Eco Cotton

* Size: 13.78inch

* Wood pulp version, organic cotton layer with wings, small white paper, natural wood pulp, polymer water absorption capacity 100ml, white degradable bottom film, white release paper, white degradable coating. Environmentally friendly, chlorine-free, degradable, and pollution-free cultivated organic cotton can relieve allergic symptoms and relieve skin discomfort caused by ordinary sanitary napkins.

* Natural pure white (without bleach and brighteners)

* Fragrance and tasteless (no chemicals such as fragrance)

* Effective antibacterial (formaldehyde free, no irritation and sensitization)

* Imported

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