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Automatic fish feeder for fish tank


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*Onesize:Without battery, equipped with 2*AA Batteries

M:With 2*AAA Batteries

XXXS:Contains square fish feeding ring

*Feeding Button Guidance:

1. Press the MODE key, the LED displays 00:00

2. Press the SET button to display the hour hand, press the ADJUST button to adjust the clock

3. Press the MODE key, the minute hand displays, press the ADJUST key to adjust the clock

4. Press the MODE key, the Arabic numeral "1" flashes, press the ADJUST key to indicate feeding once, LED display down style

5. Press SET to save this setting

*Function: battery self-provisioning. Automatically feed various fish foods, including flakes, granules, powder and strips. Ideal for household fish tanks and aquariums. Can feed most pet fish, turtles, frogs, etc. Note: Please follow the instructions to set the rotation time per revolution, otherwise the feeder will not work!

*4 paper feed time: up to 4 paper feed times per day, up to 1-2 rotations each time. Simple setup just follow our manual, you will find it easy to set 4 paper feed time on the machine. Choose your own feeding time. The feeder also has a "manual" button, which will be fun when you feed the fish yourself.

*2 Installation methods: There are 2 installation methods for the feeder for you to choose. One is to fix the feeder to the tank wall by using brackets. Another method is to stick the feeder with the double-sided label on the water tank cover. Make sure the feeder is above the water level to keep the fish food dry.

*Easy control: By adjusting the slider, you can increase or decrease the amount of food dispensed per revolution. Easily control the amount of fish food you distribute.


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